How to Get a Remote Job Using Social Media

Yet, the benefits of having an online presence in such a digital age expand far beyond follower count and now individuals can get remote jobs using social media

How to Get a Remote Job Using Social Media

Social media has been called a number of things: a jungle, a distraction, a simulation. Yet, the benefits of having an online presence in such a digital age expand far beyond follower count, and now individuals are getting remote jobs using social media.

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Research states that 73% of job seekers in 2023 between the ages of 18 and 34 found their last job on social media, while 91% of employers currently use social media as part of their hiring process.

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into how you can use social media to get the perfect remote job for you. After reading this article, let this comprehensive guide help you in landing a remote job using social media.

Optimize your account

Having a social media account is one of the best ways to position for scouts and professional connections to come your way. Despite being visible, optimization is necessary to make yourself stand out. This is basically presenting yourself across all your social media pages in a unified, organized, visually appealing manner.

Create links that contain your works, and add them to your profile. Curate your profile bio's and be intentional about making sure your account clearly shows your interests, personality and skills.

Connect with people in your niche

After clearly defining and showing your interests, you want to make sure to build an active community. This can be achieved by inserting yourself into already existing circles and conversations. A comment here, a retweet there, an article there and your name starts to get familiar.

Access to connections that you may not have had otherwise are one of the major benefits of being active and positional on social media.

Be Authentic

As much as you'd like to show your professionalism and broad knowledge in your field, make sure to still be authentic and let your personality shine through.

Employers don't only look for knowledgeable people, they are looking out for people who may be friendly and easy to work with.

Remember, that your personal relations and preferences are as important as your professional side.

Search for job opportunities

While having connections amongst your community is able to open you up to opportunities that you may not have heard about otherwise, social media can serve dual purposes where job searches are concerned. Finding job openings sometimes can be as easy as using your social media platforms as search channels.

From hashtags, to keywords, you might be close to the mission of getting your remote job using social media. Also, make sure to keep an eye open for conversations around hiring in your field.

Offer value

Presenting yourself as not just someone that is seeking opportunities but also a person who is willing to share vital information and make things easier will make you stand out from the vast majority. A number of people already try to "pick people's" brains without compensation for their time.

Employers or potential managers begin to see you as proactive, resourceful and valuable. This positions you a rank higher than the people who desperately seek only what they can be given.

Update your social media

Make sure that your accounts on all platforms accurately reflect your most recent accomplishments and achievements. Having a profile that shows only work that dates back six years, may make you look outdated and unprogressive. As you gain laurels, acquire new skills and complete new projects, make sure to share your progress on your social media platforms.

Review your privacy settings

It's important to be mindful of the content that you post on social media, as potential employers may view it. Review all of your posts, including retweets and reposts, to ensure that they align with the brand or image you want to portray. You may also want to search for yourself on Google to see how you appear when searched. This will give you a better idea of what potential employers might see when they search for you online and improve your chances to get a remote job using social media.

Be consistent

Due to the saturation of the digital space, staying relevant is dependent on showing up and putting yourself in the spaces that you want to be heard in. Make sure not to be sparse with posting or engaging your industry's community. This shows that you are in touch, present, and an active participant

By mastering these keys, you'll not only navigate the unique terrain of a remote job interview but also your full potential to strike a chord with potential employers and get a remote job using social media.

So, after connecting and landing a virtual interview, here is how to prepare for it and confidently step into the interview.