4 Mistakes 97% of Jobseekers Make When Applying for Remote Jobs (And How to Avoid Them)

4 Mistakes 97% of Jobseekers Make When Applying for Remote Jobs (And How to Avoid Them)
common jobseeker mistakes

I've probably seen, reviewed thousands of job applications (for companies I am affiliated with and for client organisations). We have seen all kinds of mistakes and oversight from candidates.

For remote job applications these are some of the most common mistakes we see jobseekers make. Knowing about them and avoiding them helps your remote job application process.

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Not understanding the advertised job role

Take your time to read and fully understand the job you are applying for. Nothing hurts your chances more than showing in your application responses that you don’t understand the job role. If a recruiter perceives you didn't take the time to understand the details of the job you are applying for, you can be sure that is the end of your application.

Nothing shows the employer you are unserious more than that.

Not being familiar with various application/recruitment tools

These days employers advertising remote jobs will use several options to receive applications. Most employers no longer request just to send your CV to their email address. Some of the options employers will use include Application Tracking Systems (ATS), Online forms (Google forms, etc), remade assessments (this can be deployed in form of questions in an online form etc), Interviewing software (some companies may direct you to interviewing software for remote applications whee you respond to questions and submit your answers online);

Not knowing anything or enough about the prospective employer

We see this happen everyday. For instance in a job application you are asked some questions about the company’s products or services. Unserious applicants either give the wrong answers or simply reply that they do not know. But with a few minutes spent researching the company’s websites you can find about what they do. Responding correctly to questions about the company/employer show you do your homework and will likely be a serious employee when hired.

Not highlighting your remote skills

If you are applying for a remote job it is important you indicate, where possible, any remote skills that will position you for consideration. Remote jobs, many times, require different set of skills than traditional jobs. You need to show you have remote skills such as self motivation, communication, collaboration, time management etc.

So while applying for remote jobs include any relevant remote work experience and skills that can enhance your chances.

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