15 Top Co-working Spaces, Cafes and Hubs in Africa's Major Cities Where Freelancers and Remote Workers Can Work from

15 Top Co-working Spaces, Cafes and Hubs in Africa's Major Cities Where Freelancers and Remote Workers Can Work from
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As remote work and freelancing become more popular co-work hubs and spaces are beginning to spring up across Africa's major cities.

Even as remote work enables people work from their homes, lots of people realise they work better from outside their homes. A good percentage of remote workers and freelancers work from cafes, co-work spaces close to or around their home.

Despite the benefits of working remotely one of the challenges regularly cited by remote workers/freelancers include;

  • difficulty focusing on the work
  • loneliness
  • staying motivated

Partly due to the above reasons, co-work hubs/spaces are becoming a constant feature for remote workers. Working out of cafes/co-work spaces help remote workers with tackling some of the issues raised above.

For eg working out from co-work spaces help workers battle loneliness as you can meet other remote workers and make friends.

I have personally experienced increased productivity and motivation whenever I work out from a co-work space or cafe as opposed to when I work alone from my home. And I suspect this is the same for many other remote workers.

Why Co-working Spaces and Hubs Will Continue to Be a Feature in Today's Remote Work Life

For some of the reasons listed earlier, it appears co-working spaces have come to stay. They provide valuable and flexible options to remote workers asides their houses.

Co-working spaces provide a flexible and affordable way to work for lots of remote workers. Traditional offices might be expensive and not adaptable to the needs of a single remote worker. While on the other hand, co-work spaces enables remote workers choose arrangements that work for them including open work hubs, single office spaces etc. Plus the pricing arrangement in most co-working hubs allow the remote worker only pay for the days in the month that they need/use the space.

So flexibility wins!

So very quickly here are some key reasons why co-work spaces/hubs feature prominently in today's remote work;

  • Flexible arrangements: Flexibility is the key thing a remote worker wants. Flexible space and pricing enables a remote worker pay only for the space they need and the time they use it
  • Internet connectivity: Most co-work spaces provide decent, reliable internet along with the space paid for so this definitely makes sense for most remote workers
  • Coffee!: Many co-work spaces or cafes provide energising beverages to keep the fuel going for remote workers. I've definitely lost count of how many hot cups of coffee I've devoured in the past few months while working out from various co-working hubs. It certainly helps with the productivity.
  • Official Business Address: Using co-working spaces also enables remote freelancers use the space as their official business/forwarding for mails and correspondence. Also most spaces serve as good options for hosting physical meetings with clients when the need arises. This certainly beats holding meetings in your house!
  • Networking: Asides helping beat loneliness, co-work spaces help with networking as they attract other remote workers and freelancers. You easily meet new people who may share similar interests. The periodic meetups hosted by some co-work spaces certainly help with business networking

So if you have a remote job as an African or work remotely as a Freelancer we have researched the top 15 co-working spaces you can check out in Africa's major cities.

In no particular order


CafeOne by Sterling Bank

The CafeOne co-working space operated by Sterling Bank is a digital hub doubling as a co-working space. It is initiated by Sterling Bank, one of the banks in the country, and targeted at young millennials and Gen Zs seeking comfortable remote working spots to increase their productivity and network.

The CafeOne brand has certainly been on the uptick as they have several spaces in Lagos and recently in Ibadan.

The co-working space also provides a blend of digital banking services to its users via Sterling bank.

Venia Hub

Venia Business Hub is a co-working space predominantly in Lagos that provides co-working space, private offices and other services to remote workers in the city. With 2 different locations, Venia Hub is certainly one of the major co-working hubs in the country.

It has hosted and or still hosts some of the major startups in Nigeria in its co-working spaces including Flutterwave, Bolt, Ngcareers, Luno etc. It boasts of 2,000+ entrepreneurs and freelancers in its network.


Regus is a leading co-working space provider in the continent with over five locations in Lagos, Nigeria.

A bit more pricey and prestigious than the others in this list, Regus provides Office spaces for startup teams, co-working spaces for individuals and small teams, virtual workspace, meeting rooms, training rooms etc.

Cranium One

Cranium One is a co-working space located in the Victoria Island part of Lagos providing high end private offices, hot desks, courier services, meeting rooms, open kitchens etc.

It has flexible memberships on pay per use and monthly basis.


The Station

The station is a co-working space with locations in 3 South African cities - Midrand, Bedfordview, Bryanston.

The station provides semi private desks, boardrooms, open seating, wifi, tea/coffee etc with flexible pricing arrangements.

Grounded Work

Grounded work is another highly rated co-working space in South Africa providing private offices, single user desks, internet and other co-working services such as printers, business support, office address etc.

It is located in Pretoria.

Cape Town Office

Cape Town Office is an owner operated co-working space located in Gardens and was named one of the top 10 co-working spaces in the world by Forbes.

Some of the services and facilities it boasts of includes; 24/7 access, fast internet, conference rooms, weekly events and coffee.

It has several flexible space arrangements for individuals and teams in its almost 1,000 sqm of space.


SunDesk Co-Working

SunDesk is a co-working, co-living space in Taghazout, Morocco. SunDesk on its website, says it aims to give students, entrepreneurs, and professionals the opportunity to work and travel.

It provides flexible co-working and co-living arrangements that includes fast internet, indoor/outdoor work areas, coffee/tea, community of like minded entrepreneurs, stay in apartments, fully equipped kitchens, daily room service etc.

Definitely a unique approach to co-working and co-living.

Dar Digital Nomad

This is another co-working, co-living arrangement in Ouarzazate City(there seems to be lots of this in Morocco!).

It provides shared apartments, co-work spaces and fast internet.


L'Blassa is a co-working space and lab for creative entrepreneurs, creators and startups.

It provides flexible co-work arrangements such as hourly, daily and weekly passes with printers, meeting rooms, events etc.



Consoleya is a co-working space in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. It provides flexible office spaces, private offices, startup packages, including memberships and day passes for remote workers, freelancers and startup teams.

It also has an app to enable users/members book spaces.

Pivot Co-working Space

Pivot co-working is another highly rated co-working space in Egypt providing flexible arrangements such as private offices, shared workspaces, conference/meeting rooms etc.

It is located in Alexandria, Egypt.

MQR Spaces

Mqr spaces boasts impressive facilities and is available in several Egyptian cities including Heliopolis, New Cairo, Aswan.

Its services include private offices, shared office space, meeting/training rooms etc. They also provide high speed internet, food & beverages, printers and cleaning services.



Workzone is a co-working space in Tunisia providing private offices, lounges, event/meeting rooms etc.

On its website, it says they have 14+ private offices, 7+ meeting rooms, and 1,000+ sqm of space.

El Space

El Space is a social innovation hub in Tunis, Tunisia focused on building communities, providing spaces for makers and entrepreneurs.

The Hub Co-working

The Hub co-working space is a shared co-working space located at Lake Tunis, Tunisia offering high speed internet, private offices, relaxation/rest areas, meeting/workshop rooms etc.

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