8 Non Tech Remote Jobs That Pay Well

Are there non tech remote jobs that can pay you decently to work from anywhere? There are plenty of remote jobs that do not require hard core tech skills

8 Non Tech Remote Jobs That Pay Well
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Sometimes it appears many remote jobs are for core technical roles such as software engineering, front end development, data analysis etc.

Can you get a decent paying remote job that doesn’t require you learning how to code or having a core tech skill? Are there non tech remote jobs that can pay you decently to work from anywhere?

The answer is Yes.

In fact there are plenty of remote jobs that do not require hard core tech skills. Check some of them below (we even have several remote jobs available in some of them);

Product Marketing Manager

Product marketing managers promote products and its features to target audience via different online channels/means. Product marketing managers usually work in the intersection of product development, marketing and sales. Their key responsibility is to understand the company’s products, develop and implement a marketing strategy for a specific product or group of products.

Sales or Business Development Executive/Manager

Business development executives or managers are a very important persons in companies that sell products/services to other organisations otherwise known as Business 2 Business (B2B). Business development executives find and retain clients to purchase the organisation’s products or services.

Project Manager

Project managers plan and oversee projects within an organisation, usually from ideation to completion. Project managers coordinate people and resources to achieve specific desire outcomes for a project.


Copywriters produce written content aimed at selling specific products or services through unique channels. A copywriter can write marketing or sales copy for selling a product through a website, print ad (newspapers, magazines etc) or email. Copywriter learn and understand the psychology involved in getting the attention of the target audience, sustaining their interest and getting them to take action towards a specific goal - placing an order, signing up to a newsletter, etc.

HR Manager

HR managers usually oversee and manage the Human Resources and operations in an organisation. They oversee day to day personnel administration and can handle functions such as recruitment, payroll management, personnel policy implementation, performance review etc

Account Executive/Manager

Account managers usually work at big organisations serving business clients. They are expected to manage several client accounts ensuring reduction in churn. A typical Account Executive/Manager job will include working with clients to ensure they get the best experience our of using the organisation’s products, resolving any issues, advising and collaborating with the client on new use cases, solutions for the products/services they use.

Product Manager

Product managers oversee the development of new products. They usually identify customer needs, lease with the software (engineering and design) teams to ensure products developed or designed meet the needs of the target users/customers

Community Manager

In today’s remote work world, organisations are increasingly realising the importance of building communities to drive their brand awareness and engagement. Community managers are more than just social media managers. Community managers develop strategies to drive more awareness for the organisation and its products or services

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