7 Remote Job Search Tips to Help You Succeed Faster

Learn little but important things many people either do not know or overlook when looking for remote jobs.

7 Remote Job Search Tips

Little but important things many people either do not know or overlook when looking for remote jobs.

These tips can be the difference between getting a remote job within a few months or searching in vain for much longer.

  1. Focus on categories or fields where it’s more possible to find remote work. Some fields have much more remote opportunities than others. If you have skills in those areas you may find it a little bit easier. For instance you are less likely to find remote jobs in healthcare than say in design.Some fields where remote jobs are more common include; sales, customer support, design (graphics, product etc), programming/software development, marketing (social, digital etc), administrative support, research etc.
  2. Apply for remote jobs outside your region as long as the timezones are close or you can work within the stipulated timezones.
  3. You mustn’t have most of the listed requirements for a job before applying. Employers will generally consider good applications that have some but not necessarily all the listed requirements. So if you suffer impostor syndrome don’t let it stop you from applying
  4. Consistent application will help you succeed faster. Someone tweeted how they probably did over 1,000 applications before getting their first remote job offer. You are competing for global remote jobs and it will take some time and persistence
  5. Identify and focus on sources of remote jobs such as Remoteworka, startups who have fully remote teams etc. Compiling your sources of remote job will make it easier for you to focus on following those sources to know when remote jobs in your field of interest/expertise become available
  6. Demonstrate great communication skills when potential employers contact you. Communication is one of the most important skills remote companies look out for when hiring remote workers. So if you can communicate well (written and spoken), respond to emails promptly and are familiar with most of the common online tools for remote work communication/collaboration such as zoom, google meet, slack, Google Workspace (G Suite), etc
  7. Showcase what you have done and achieved in the past. If you have any past achievements, accomplishments etc that are relevant to the remote job you are trying to get, make sure you indicate these in your CV or application. This helps push your case better when you demonstrate how you have added value in the past to organisations you worked with

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